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The first feature film with professional adult film star Amy Fisher by DreamZone Entertainment. The film stars Amy Fisher, Dale DaBone, Lisa Ann, Marcus London, and Tommy Gunn, who comes off his cameo role in the HBO series Entourage. Filmed all over Southern California, the lovely, spirited, and spicy Amy Fisher arrives in Los Angeles for her first professional adult video shoot. Amy Fisher opens up her trip to Hollywood with the tenacious Tommy Gunn in a slamming scene filmed by a Japanese waterfall. Amy was excited at the opportunity. What better way to open up my first feature, than an incredible scene with Tommy Gunn? Whisked away to a stunning rustic house hidden away in the Hollywood Hills, Amy encounters Nature Boy Dale DaBone on the hiking trail, who lavishes his considerable charms on her showing her the wonders of nature, au natural. Back at Amy's hotel she is visited by the delicious and luscious Lisa Ann Get Busy Shagging, or get dying! This brilliant Saw-esque movie combines the scary and the sexy to stunning effect. Set in Hostel-like hotel haunted by depraved sex addicts. It's a porn puzzle box full of kinky thrills and every hardcore tale has a shocking twist! Horny stud Stefan is a confident cocksman, which is just as well because if he can't satisfy a foxy fetish chick in just 20 minutes, then he really is screwed. Chained to a wheel by hot blonde Robyn Truelove, stud Demitri faces the ultimate test of manhood. If he fails then the punishment in store will bring tears to his eyes and yours! Checking into the sinister Eastern European hostel a young couple find themselves forced to play filthy sex games to stay alive. But the wife enjoys her lesbo experience so much that she has a shock in store for horny hubby. Tasty blonde slut Syren Sexton discovers that she has to shag a gimpy guy as if her life depended on it .In the end though she turns out to be a real threat! David and Valery awake to find themselves chained to the wall in erotic rerun of saw. Only having quality porn sex will give them a slim chance of survival. There's never been porn like Screw before.

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